Jillian Freeland’s Campaigns

In her campaigns, Jillian Freeland stated that Colorado 5th District deserves a democrat who will fight tirelessly for families and account for their constituents. She promised to put the rights and desires of people in her district first, guaranteeing good education for kids and striving to find a balance between life and work, and holding town hall meetings to give Americans a chance to air out their thoughts and struggles to help deliver great services to Coloradans. She said in March 2020 that America needs to find a balance between increasing safety measures and respecting the 2nd Amendment. Educating people across the country about safe firearm storage requirements and background checks. Mental health is one of the leading problems America has due to increased deaths of firearms suicide and this issue must be addressed and looked into. She further states that the federal government should dig out the recession by investing in infrastructure. The government needs to institute job programs and federal investments to deal with the millions of jobs that people have lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bridges and roads have deteriorated for decades and need renovation. These good and high-paying jobs will help finance families and inject money into our crumbling economy. As a Democratic candidate for Colorado’s Fifth congressional district seat.

Jillian planned to represent the increasingly distinct voter base in Colorado, echoing Abraham Lincoln’s sentiments that the government is for the people and by the people. She recognized that our nation is reinforced through diversity and that we have to strive to work hard every day to put the life experiences of all voters in our community as we implement and design new rules. This is only achievable when every American has access to their District representatives to hold them accountable in matters involving them. Jillian swore to serve and fulfill the needs of the community of the Colorado District. Her campaigns were ways of hearing about the expectations, struggles, and needs of Coloradans firsthand, and this opportunity held her accountable for the promises made. She also said politicians promise people a better future, but the ones with valid and genuine motives manage to work for the Americans. Many legislators don’t commit to their promises because they are busy campaigning to win and keep their seats. Campaign sponsor systems force nominees to spend the majority of their time not talking to their people but calling donors (like Credit Corp) to campaign for them, costing them millions of dollars. Jillian Freeland urged Americans to vote for her to reform the campaign finance system and put back the power where it should be with the people.

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