Jillian Freeland’s Background

Jillian Freeland is a graduate of the University of Northern Arizona, where she majored in Sociology. She also holds a certificate as a competent midwife from the Midwifery School of Maternidad La Luz. She is a devoted mother to two daughters, who are four and two years old, respectively. Jillian has worked hard to ensure they have exceptional basic needs and health care. Her first job was as a bagger at a big Midwestern grocery store when she was fourteen years old. Over her high school years, she progressed as a cashier, and later as a customer service. She also took bakery classes, the floral sector, and was the first woman to bring in carts to boost the workforce. It taught her the importance of customer service, the mastery to work as a team, and time management. She acquired good qualities such as compassion, energy, integrity, stamina, enthusiasm to learn, and willpower to make this nation and planet a safe, and healthy place for generations to come. Jillian’s familiarity with women’s health care, and as a small business owner, the self-proclaimed activist has seen her running to represent the Colorado District for a government that works for the good of its people. She presently administers as a vice president of the homeowners association and is a member of the El Paso County Corrections Board of Adjustments. She is not all about work because she attends Zumba sessions, bake parties with her two children, and yard work when she is not in the office or campaigning.

Jillian Freeland has ambitious goals and objectives for her people and has made them known in her campaigns. She has dreams for American families that spend more money on healthcare than other advanced nations. Americans spent close to four trillion dollars in 2019 to improve health care services, but the money did not pave way for better care. In her campaigns, Jillian promised Americans more accessible, more evenhanded, and more beneficial health care. To focus on the health of citizens above the pockets of healthcare administrators. She further expounded on electricity and how it is a matter of federal security, and how we can’t depend on fossil fuels as a key source of power. Introducing and generating renewable sources of energy will establish a dependable source that doesn’t keep us dependent and take us to war on energy that will be used up and pollute our environment. The decisions that Americans make may or may not save on utility charges in the future. She vowed to treat the militants and people who serve our country with the honor and dignity they deserve. To be paid a living salary and provided with the best ready medical care throughout and after their duties to our country, as well as funding military families and vets to make sure the funds aren’t shifted to a border-wall project that does not exist.

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