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Jillian Freeland’s Campaigns

In her campaigns, Jillian Freeland stated that Colorado 5th District deserves a democrat who will fight tirelessly for families and account for their constituents. She promised to put the rights and desires of people in her district first, guaranteeing good education for kids and striving to find a balance between life and work, and holding town hall meetings to give Americans a chance to air out their thoughts and struggles to help deliver great services to Coloradans. She said in March 2020 that America needs to find a balance between increasing safety measures and respecting the 2nd Amendment. Educating people across the country about safe firearm storage requirements and background checks. Mental health is one of the leading problems America has due to increased deaths of firearms suicide and this issue must be addressed and looked into. She further states that the federal government should dig out the recession by investing in infrastructure. The government needs to institute job programs and federal investments to deal with the millions of jobs that people have lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bridges and roads have deteriorated for decades and need renovation. These good and high-paying jobs will help finance families and inject money into our crumbling economy. As a Democratic candidate for Colorado’s Fifth congressional district seat.

Jillian planned to represent the increasingly distinct voter base in Colorado, echoing Abraham Lincoln’s sentiments that the government is for the people and by the people. She recognized that our nation is reinforced through diversity and that we have to strive to work hard every day to put the life experiences of all voters in our community as we implement and design new rules. This is only achievable when every American has access to their District representatives to hold them accountable in matters involving them. Jillian swore to serve and fulfill the needs of the community of the Colorado District. Her campaigns were ways of hearing about the expectations, struggles, and needs of Coloradans firsthand, and this opportunity held her accountable for the promises made. She also said politicians promise people a better future, but the ones with valid and genuine motives manage to work for the Americans. Many legislators don’t commit to their promises because they are busy campaigning to win and keep their seats. Campaign sponsor systems force nominees to spend the majority of their time not talking to their people but calling donors (like Credit Corp) to campaign for them, costing them millions of dollars. Jillian Freeland urged Americans to vote for her to reform the campaign finance system and put back the power where it should be with the people.…

Jillian Freeland’s Motivation and Vision for Americans

Jillian is deeply passionate about public policy since she operated and owned a small business giving midwifery assistance to developing families in the Pikes Peak Community. As an experienced women’s health caregiver, she firsthand knows how we can make improvements in the health sector. She planned to support the reduction of the money spent on campaigning for universal health care to pave the way for streamlining and importation of medication in the industry. To defend the privacy and reproductive rights of all citizens, involving the right to abortion and high-quality health services that we can be proud of as a nation. Jillian highlighted some of the key visions she had for Americans such as:
• Heightening the access to family healthcare
• Simplifying disability services and assuring Americans get the care and assistance they desire
• Safeguarding reproductive and privacy rights
• Lessening VA wait duration and increasing the number of facilities
• Broadening the access to mental care and additional services
• Decreasing healthcare rules and regulations and compel all doctors to work
• Eradicate co-pays and deductibles
• Reducing the cost of prescription drugs
• Promoting healthcare services in agrarian areas
• Educating people on preventive measures to curb the spread of diseases
• Supporting an all-rounded public health insurance option
• Supporting and funding a national rule to wear masks with medical necessary exemptions
• Funding and encouraging massive COVID-19 testing
• Encouraging and sponsoring free, open trade agreements
• Endorsing a pathway to provide citizenship for the hardworking undocumented immigrants in the country
• Pushing for the abolishment of ICE in America has instilled fear in people
• Supporting the legalization of marijuana at the National level

Jillian Freeland looks up to Katie Porter, for she is an idol for all the aspiring administrators; She is a devoted single mother to three beautiful children and that doesn’t stop her from working diligently in Congress to hold citizens accountable for their decisions and actions and ensuring that the parliament reflects on our nation’s diversity. She is brainy and often shows her true virtues. These are the qualities that Jillian looks up to. She talked about how America is facing great challenges and how to protect the nation to elude a more challenging future. Jillian Freeland encouraged people to support her to make the impossible possible. Her motives were to:
• Capitalize on dependable renewable energy sources that lessen utility bills
• Taking aggressive, well-planned strategies to climate change to prevent life from being permanently altered
• Expanding and extending the nationwide repayment programs for solar energy to include site-specific batteries and energy productive appliances
• Introducing energy-yielding educational programs in our communities to educate people on saving energy and energy development
• Boosting construction doctrines to ensure modern houses have energy efficiency and generating a part of their electricity, together with creating programs to enable energy-efficient advancements in existing buildings
• Venturing into public transportation services to improve modern infrastructure such as electrifying personal vehicles to protect the environment
• Creating and paving way for new jobs in the renewable energy area to ensure veterans joining the civilian labor force have a steady flow of income
• Assuring that people transitioning from non-renewable fuel source industries have access to education to comfortably enter a new world ensuring the changes don’t hurt people and also providing them with early retirement and full pension
• Displacing dominionists and obstructionists with delegates who reflect on the incredible diversity of our nation. It’s time to focus with the zeal to bring change and who will convey, cooperate, and fight to protect the republic and people. Whether the conversation is about local coffee shops or a case in the high court, we should stop picking sides in everything in terms of blue versus red team and come together to resolve problems that face America because we as Americans are in this together…

Jillian Freeland’s Background

Jillian Freeland is a graduate of the University of Northern Arizona, where she majored in Sociology. She also holds a certificate as a competent midwife from the Midwifery School of Maternidad La Luz. She is a devoted mother to two daughters, who are four and two years old, respectively. Jillian has worked hard to ensure they have exceptional basic needs and health care. Her first job was as a bagger at a big Midwestern grocery store when she was fourteen years old. Over her high school years, she progressed as a cashier, and later as a customer service. She also took bakery classes, the floral sector, and was the first woman to bring in carts to boost the workforce. It taught her the importance of customer service, the mastery to work as a team, and time management. She acquired good qualities such as compassion, energy, integrity, stamina, enthusiasm to learn, and willpower to make this nation and planet a safe, and healthy place for generations to come. Jillian’s familiarity with women’s health care, and as a small business owner, the self-proclaimed activist has seen her running to represent the Colorado District for a government that works for the good of its people. She presently administers as a vice president of the homeowners association and is a member of the El Paso County Corrections Board of Adjustments. She is not all about work because she attends Zumba sessions, bake parties with her two children, and yard work when she is not in the office or campaigning.

Jillian Freeland has ambitious goals and objectives for her people and has made them known in her campaigns. She has dreams for American families that spend more money on healthcare than other advanced nations. Americans spent close to four trillion dollars in 2019 to improve health care services, but the money did not pave way for better care. In her campaigns, Jillian promised Americans more accessible, more evenhanded, and more beneficial health care. To focus on the health of citizens above the pockets of healthcare administrators. She further expounded on electricity and how it is a matter of federal security, and how we can’t depend on fossil fuels as a key source of power. Introducing and generating renewable sources of energy will establish a dependable source that doesn’t keep us dependent and take us to war on energy that will be used up and pollute our environment. The decisions that Americans make may or may not save on utility charges in the future. She vowed to treat the militants and people who serve our country with the honor and dignity they deserve. To be paid a living salary and provided with the best ready medical care throughout and after their duties to our country, as well as funding military families and vets to make sure the funds aren’t shifted to a border-wall project that does not exist.…